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The room is filled with people, everyone dressed up in this best formalwear. However there is only one person I am interested in. As I look over I can see that you are chatting to someone else across the room. Superficially you look engrossed but ever so often I catch your eyes flicking towards me. I stand apart, not engaged in any mindless conversations, just waiting. Suddenly as I look over at you, I notice that you are coming my way.

I smile warmly and you respond in kind.
“So…” You say as you approach to within the normal distance for conversation.
“So…” I respond.
You are holding a wine glass, perhaps subconsciously your fingers toying with it in a manner I cannot help put find provocative and arousing.

I watch as you take a small sip of the sparkling white wine. As you finish swallow the liquid I watch as your tongue slides out and caresses your lips. The white of your teeth contrasts with your rich red of your lips as you... you gently bite your lip…combined with a slight shift in posture seems to radiate a girlishness, something that inspires in me the need to protect…I step towards you ...We move closer….closer…I feel the warmth of your body radiating...Can smell the scent of your perfume intermingling with my aftershave….We pause just millimeters from one another….Both of us know what is going to happen…but we wait…prolonging the tension…Perhaps wondering if this is the right place….Then almost by accident….Our lips meet….Your lips feel soft and plump against mine….our tongues meet but only for an instant...your tongue seems to evade me...My hands grabs either side of your face, cradling you and pulling you still closer to me...Our tongues meet hedonistic indulging in each others warmth....I close my eyes for a moment and allow myself to sink deep into the moment....We pull apart.

I wonder if anyone saw what just happened, and if you are comfortable with what just happened. My eyes scan the room, but everyone seems locked in small talk. I want to be alone with you.
“Shall we go somewhere?” you say as if reading my mind.
“Sure. But where?”
“Shhhh” you say as you place a finger to my lips. I cannot help noticing the colour of your nail polishes matches your lipstick. You hand grabs mine, they feel soft and warm in mine. I squeeze it as if to reassure you. You drag me around a corner, towards what looks like a cupboard.
“So this it is?” I say as we stop and your eyes dart up and down, “is there nowhere else?”
“Shut up” you respond as you push the door open and dart inside, pulling me after you.

Reaching for a light switch you a faint light illuminate the room. It is not so much a cupboard as a storeroom. Thin grills allow some light from outside in and the sounds of the party can be heard. As I look around I can see that it is filled with towels, spare pillows and bedding that are stacked neatly on shelves. My eyes look around growing accustomed to the light.

“So kiss me” You say.
“Sure thing”
I step towards you, our lips once again meeting. This time with more hunger and desire, freed from the knowledge that someone else might be watching. My hands at first take hold of yours. We both know they want more and they move up your body, stroking your shoulders. Then in one movement my hands skim down your body effortlessly shedding the clothes from your body...You need no encouragement and you tear the clothes from me..... peeling off my jacket…shirt…trousers…underwear….

I feel the warmth of your naked breast pressed against my chest...Your nipples firm....engorged….erect....Standing on one leg your thigh rubs up and down my leg, as if to tease me... creating a delightful warmth from the friction.... You move still closer….grind your hips softly against me.... I emit a brief groan as I feel my cock tensing and grow harder against you....My hands slide down your body to the small of your back and pull you towards me...Closer....even closer

As I brush your hair aside you allow your head drop to one side…exposing the shapely nape of your neck to my hungry mouth... My lips softly caress the sides of your neck, followed by my warm wet tongue…softly tasting the warmth of your skin.

You moan almost inaudibly, and I feel your legs wraps tightly around me, pulling my rock hard cock between your warm wet thighs….The smell of sexual desire fills the air…..I can feel my hard cock slide between your thighs, searching….

I slide slowly inside sigh as you feel my whole length enters you....slowly…you are already moist ...warm and inviting….I keep my movements small and shallow inside you as my hands grab at your breasts…Pulling them towards my mouth as I try to swallow your breasts...sucking and licking.

I can feel you wrap your warm tight pussy around the full length of my hard cock and squeezing me… as if trying to suck it deeper and deeper inside you….My hands grab at you ass….Pulling you towards me….closer still...I feel your movements back and forth side to side…as you are tightly encase my cock…your movements as first gradual…then becoming faster…more urgent…frantic….As we pound against one another our bodies becoming plastered sweat …..Your legs begin to quiver and shake as you feel my tongue slide over my erect nipples…You almost stumble backwards, your body coming to rest against the shelves.

You begin to moan…growing louder and more urgent with each second.
“Shhh.” I say
“Someone will hear.”
“So what?” You say as we kiss, temporarily ending your moaning.

Our lips part once more and I hungrily I swallow your breast and snake my tongue around your nipple...teasing you with slow circle movement before moving away...I flick your nipple with my hands grab at your waist and squeezing hands move up my body...guiding your movements....back and forwards….my hands slide up the sides of your stomach...higher....cupping your breasts in my strong hands….I can feel the warm juices from your pussy lubricating my cock as they dribble down my shaft…I grab at your shoulders…I know I cannot last much longer….With all my strength I pull your shoulders towards me whilst I pump inside you as hard as I can…Once….Twice…Three times….Moaning as I shoot my hot semen deep inside you.
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