July 2nd, 2006


First time posting.

Yes, it's cliche, yes there are no paragraphs. It is my first attempt at 'erotica'

So, we drove to the coast, the sun was shining and the windows open on the car, not a care in the world. Friday night and nobody to stop us, I looked across at you and could see you were smirking at me out of the corner of your eye; I couldn’t wait to know what you had in store for me. I wasn’t allowed to pack the bags so had no idea what could be in there, I knew it would be fun though. We pulled up in a car park and I soon realised that there was no one around. I looked over to you again and realised this time you were looking back at me, I could see it in your eyes the fun was about to begin. Without saying a word you got out of the car and walked across to my side, at all times keeping your eyes on me. Once at my side of the car you opened the door and dragged me out. With my hands held behind my back you marched me to the front of the car and with one swift movement I was laying face down on the bonnet. The heat from the engine against my breasts was intense but only added to the excitement. You reached into your pocket and pulled the rope where you deftly bound my hands above my head, handy having windscreen wipers. I knew that you had taken a step back, even though I couldn’t see you, and I knew you were watching me, admiring the view. The anticipation of what would happen was growing and I could feel the hot tingling feeling stir inside me. My palms were now growing damp and I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. I heard the gravel crunch and I knew then it was about to begin. It started with a sting on the leg, nothing too painful but I knew it would mark. After that came the lick, you always had a thing for licking before the welt came up and it always made the pain a little deeper. Then the tip of your finger started to trace my calf muscle. I waited for you to get to the back of my knee; you knew this was going to be the beginning of the end for me, once there, there was no turning back. I could feel your hot breath on my leg, the tip of you tongue teasing me, right behind the knee, then the next thing I knew, were the bites, nibbling to begin with and then harder more desperate. I started to buckle but the binds kept me upright. Again your finger tip started to creep up my leg and spreading your hand, one fingertip on one thigh and one thumb tip on the other, the dampness started to creep in. I squirmed to try to get more comfortable and to be able rub myself against you when you pulled your hand away teasing me; you knew I wasn’t ready yet. Sting, another whip, this time against the back of my knee, I cried out, not just in pain, but surprise and pleasure also. Now I knew you were smiling, which made it all the more delicious. You leaned over me and whispered in my ear ‘Again?’ you said, and all I could do was whimper. The lash was a bit harder this time and I had to bite down on my lip to stop myself from screaming, I could taste blood. Your hand began to climb again and I moaned as I knew where it was leading, I just had no idea how long it would take. The cool breeze was blowing against my skin and it refreshed me for a bit, but the heat of the engine and of myself was rising through me, coursing through me, I could feel my chest becoming flushed and my breathing heavy, you must have picked up on these signs too, as I could feel your hand upon my knickers. The deep guttural moaning from you must mean that I was hot there, your fingers moving to find a way in. You stepped back again threw my skirt above my waist and ripped my knickers from me. I gasped inwardly as you went down on me your tongue finding all the crevices, licking me, probing, sucking from me. Your hands grasped my arse and squeezed. As you sucked I could hear you moaning, which only added to the vibrations on my clit. I could feel myself becoming wetter and wetter, my juices mixing with your saliva. Your hand then finding me, reaching inside, digging deeper and deeper. I knew I was close to the edge and you knew I was close too. As quickly as you began you stopped, you turned me round so I could face you, my juice around your mouth, slight shining in the sun. You leaned into me and kissed me hard on the mouth, forcing yourself into me, I could smell myself on you. As you were kissing me your hand started to find its way under my top rubbing along my breastbone, looking for my breasts. Under my bra and then to the nipples, pulling at them, rubbing them between your fingers, my moaning became more breathy and then you were ripping my top from me, until I was there laying semi naked on the bonnet of our car. There was a kind of madness in your eyes as you reached over to take the binds from the wipers. With my hands still tied you made me kneel in front of you. With one hand you undone your jeans and released your dick and with the gentlest of movements moved my head so I could take you in my mouth. Your dick filled me and as I looked up at you, you threw your head and let out the longest groan I had ever heard. You held yourself for me but let me do the moving. To begin with the smallest amount of sucking on the end and then deeper. I knew that you always enjoyed a little bit of biting so whilst looking at you directly in the eye I nibbled, sucked and ever so gently put the tip of my tongue in your hole, as I planned for your legs buckled and just for that split second I had control. You straightened again and thrust yourself in me, before picking me up and throwing me against the bonnet of the car again, face down. I knew then that I was going to get it, with you holding onto my hands you thrust your dick into me, forcing it in. I screamed with pain, pleasure and desire all rolled into one. With your other hand you swept back my hair and bit hard into my neck, I felt my cunt contract. The pain was unbearable but exquisite all rolled into one. Your hand then moved in front of me to play with my nipples again, this time pulling harder. Growling in my ear, that one day you vow to get my nipples pierced so you can lead me around, with these words you pulled harder, all the time thrusting harder into me. I could feel your breath on my neck and I knew that you were close. I wanted to scream out ‘harder’ but I knew now wasn’t my time to speak. I just knew that you wanted to fuck my brains out and afterwards I would get my permission to talk. Your hand started to move down my body and found my clit, just one touch and I was on the edge again, I knew I was close I began moving myself more to get as much of you in me and also to move my clit against your fingers. I could feel all of my wetness on your hand and I knew that I was close. Your movements became harder and faster and you began to groan ever so quietly to begin with in my ear. I so wanted to turn and face you, to take you in my mouth again and taste myself. I wanted to suck you until you came and then fuck you some more, but I knew this was your time. So I waited, I knew that my time would come. You hand was moving faster across my clit and occasionally a finger would enter me at the same time. I could feel the orgasm come on, it started in my toes and worked its way up my legs and then to my cunt, the release was brilliant. The contractions becoming more and more intense. I couldn’t help myself I had to shout. As I did you came. I felt you explode inside me as your thrusts became slower and slower. You fell on me and your breathing started to slow. You slipped out of me and I could feel the wetness trickling down my thighs. You reached over me to release the binds. I looked at you and I could see the hunger in your eyes, I knew the weekend had only just begun!

And another one

I awoke early that morning, my limbs aching, in a nice way. The musky smell of sex hung in the air and I grinned to myself. I turned to look at you, and watched the fall and rise of your chest, your nipple ring glinting in the morning sun.
I got out of bed and padded quietly into the kitchen. I needed a drink, the alcohol still in my body; I opened the fridge and poured myself a large glass of cold orange juice. The freezing liquid running down my throat was in total contrast to the whisky I had drunk too much of last night.
Whisky was my favourite and the hot tingling sensation when poured on my pussy was something I could never forget. Again I grinned to myself.
I walked back to the bedroom and you were still sleeping unaware of the morning hard on you always possessed at these times.
I leaned across the bed and gently bit your earlobe, you squirmed ever so slightly in your sleep, gods only know what you were dreaming about.
I moved my hand down your chest, my fingers moving through you hair, stopping quickly to pull on your nipple ring. This time your chest raised to meet me, I look at you and your eyes were still closed, I had no idea whether you were awake or asleep, I knew I would carry on regardless. The heat between my legs knew there was unfinished business between us.

I reached over and took the ring in my teeth and gently pulled some more, the feeling of steel against my mouth was enough to dampen me, the tip of my tongue gently flicked over your nipple. Your groans quietly exciting me. My hand followed the line of hair down to you groin and onto you dick. I could feel how it was already straining waiting for me to make a move. I slowly lowered my head so my hair was just touching you, I could already smell the leftovers of last nights dealing on you, which turned me on even more, and I couldn’t wait to taste you. I started by licking the base of your shaft, quick licks, teasing. I could feel the intake of breath from you and I knew you were no longer asleep, but you didn’t move you just laid there. I began to dig my teeth in just gently, scraping the edge of them down the length of your shaft. When reaching the top I sucked gently to begin with, nibbling on the end, pulling it between my teeth, not too hard but hard enough. Then, holding on to you with both hands I filled my mouth, the groaning then started and your hand started to move towards me. I stopped and stared at you and reached for the cuffs and cuffed you to the bed. I took the strap from my robe and blindfolded you. This was my turn to take control.

I got off the bed and went to the kitchen, I needed a few things and once I had collected them returned to the bedroom. You were still laying waiting, I loved it when you had no idea what was happening. I pulled an ice cube from a glass and rubbed it across your nipples, and then using the heat from my mouth covered the pierced one, breathing hard. Again the gasp came from you and I knew then I had you. I pulled the ring again with my teeth and you squirmed I think you were trying so hard to grab me and I knew you couldn’t. I reached over for more ice cubes and put one in my mouth, and run my tongue down your chest again. When I knew that my mouth was cold enough I took your whole dick in a sucked. I think the coldness got the desired effect. Your groin rose to thrust harder in me and you cried out. I stopped and looked at you all spread there resplendent in your nakedness. I moved to the top of the bed and straddled your face, my pussy just touching your mouth. I moved my hands to my clit so I could help my self get wet enough for you. My hands were becoming wetter by the minute and I knew that I needed to feel you inside me. I just needed to make sure. I reached right down and inserted two fingers, feeling the walls of my pussy contract slightly as I did so. Leaning behind me I grabbed you dick and slowly moved my hand up and down the shaft, all the time my fingers exploring inside me. I guess now I was wet enough. I turned and straddled you again, sliding on to you. I love the way you buck beneath me when I ride you. Teasing just to begin with, just making sure the head is inside me, hardly penetrating and then forcing myself down on you. I could see you struggling with the cuffs, you wanted to be free but I wasn’t going to let you. I reached over and took off your blind fold so you could watch me, then crawled down the bed and took you in my mouth again. I watched you watching me and could see the enjoyment you were having as your eyes rolled back. I bit you again, harder this time, ‘fuck me’ you shouted and I laughed at you, telling you all in good time. I shoved my arse in your face for you to lick me and you almost came there and then.

Your tongue exploring my ring and me sucking your cock was almost too much for me; I got off of you and facing away from you, slid your dick up my arse. I knew then that you would be close to coming, so with the least amount of movement I rode you for a while, all the time playing with my pussy. I couldn’t see you, but I knew you were enjoying it from the way your dick was straining, pumping more blood into it to keep hard. Getting close to orgasm myself I knew I wanted to fuck you and fuck you hard. I slowly raised my self off of you, squeezing your balls at the same time. I turned once more to look at you and could see blood on your lip where you had been biting it in ecstasy. I kissed you and sucked the blood away, still playing with your balls as I did so. ‘You are so going to get it’ you hoarsely whispered. ‘You are going to get it first’ I laughed back and slid my self on you again. I started slowly, taking the full length of your dick in me. Feeling my juice slide up and down your shaft with every movement. I put my hand down to my pussy and wiped some of the juice onto my fingers and thrust them into your mouth to taste. You started to bite my fingers and I rode you just that little bit harder. I leaned into you and sucked on your lip, wanting to taste the blood again, that coppery taste adding to the excitement of me riding you. My movements became faster now, more frenzied. And by your movements I knew you were close also. I cupped you balls in my hands behind me and felt them tighten you were ready to explode. I got off and went down on you, finishing you off in my mouth, your shuddering movements hit as the hot liquid hit the back of my throat, the was a slight automatic gag reflex but I fought and against it and continued to suck you hard, draining you.

I then pulled from the side my faithful vibrator and turned it on. I put it in you mouth battery side down and rode it, I knew that the wetness would be trickling down and into you mouth, flowing from me, I was getting close, I used my fingers on my clit to speed things up and then grabbed the vibrator from you and lowered my self on to your mouth, coming as I did so, feeling you lap it up, not wanting to stop. After it had peaked I laid on my back taking the vibrator and fucked myself with it again. Wanting to hold on to the feeling of ecstacy. I could feel the orgasm coming again, my thighs hardened and I automatically clamped my legs to ride it. I wanted it never to end, I wanted my life force to flow out of me through my pussy. At this moment in time I couldn’t care what happened to me I was living in the here in now, and I was going to make it last. I knew you were looking at me, wanting me, but this one was going to be mine. I wanted so badly to un cuff you so you could play with my arse but I was enjoying it too much. I was imagining being surrounded by men all watching me waiting their turn, the more I thought about the more excited I got. I could imagine them all standing there with their dicks in their hands waiting to jump in. I was imaging holding one in each hand whilst you watched cuffed to the bed, I would wank them whilst watching you knowing how much you wanted me to be doing that to you instead. My pussy was sore now from the hard plastic of the vibrator, I really must try to slow down. I threw it across the room and finished myself off finally with my hands, sliding into myself with one and rubbing my clit with the other. My body was shuddering, convulsing uncontrollably, with the last throes of orgasm. I started to come back down and looked across at you and could see a deep hunger, almost hatred in your eyes for leaving you there. I knew later I was going to suffer. I couldn’t wait.