Gimme Some Sugar Baby

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Prologue: I would like to note that this story is piece of fiction involving two consenting adults engaged in role play. My intention was to experiment with the telling of an erotic story through dialogue alone, and as there are no character descriptions, I would like there to be no confusion.
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Gimme Some Sugar Baby


The warm, hot, salty sweet fluid filled her mouth. Smiling, she clamped her hand down hard. She gripped his balls tightly. Thick, creamy spurts streamed in, oozing around her tongue. Her hand experienced every surge as she clasped his scrotum. She sucked hard. He groaned a muffled, stifled groan. His cum greased the shaft of his cock. She savored his flavor. She licked. She sucked again. She wanted as much to come out as she could get.
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Gimme Some Sugar Baby

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Stephanie turned on the faucet atop her Jacuzzi tub, the water cascading down the wide nozzle, filling the tub with a hint of steam. Reaching into a wicker basket of plastic bottles, she withdrew the rose scented bubble bath and poured it liberally into the churning water. As the froth built, she reached across the tub, placed her full glass of chardonnay on the tile sill below the window, and began to undress. Stephanie always liked that liberating feeling she experienced when she shed her corporate attire and began the weekend with a bath, figuratively cleansing herself of the week’s events. She slid her pencil skirt down, and dropped her blouse to the travertine tile floor. Testing the temperature of the water with her foot, she unhooked her white lace bra and dropped they and the matching panties to the floor as well. Her body is slender, and smooth, but not voluptuous. Stephanie exercises avidly, and her trim arms, legs and abdomen betray that fact, but her small breasts are a feature she had rather felt to be her greatest liability. Good for athletics, but not for exciting the primal, carnal desires in most men. She cupped them, her hands swallowing their minute mass, and pressed them together as tightly as she could. An old boyfriend of hers had remarked once that when she was naked, her arms stretched over her head, the she looked like a little boy. Stephanie laughed. They may not be guy magnets, but she liked her little breasts.
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By way of Introduction

Hi Everyone!

I am new to _erotika as well as to posting to communities in general. Please forgive me if I mess it up at first :)

I am excited to read the work of other writers and I think this will be awesome.

I wanted to ask, though, before I posted anything how more extreme plot elements/themes are dealt with here.  I write mostly fantasy stuff, but my stories are generally BDSM oriented and can be sort of extreme at times.  I don't want to post anything that will be offensive to anyone.  I suppose I can do them as LJ cuts and then offer a content warning, but I want to make sure I am in the right place for posting.

Any advice/suggestions would be great!
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