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_er100's Journal

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[thanks to the_oc_100 for the rules I modified]

Welcome to _er100, a new community for ER drabbles challanges. Some rules to follow:

1. New challenges will be posted every Thursday, and you'll have a week to complete the challange - until the next Thursday.

2. Voting will take place over the weekend. It'll start on Friday, and winners will be announced Saturday night.

3. You can go slightly over or under 100, but try to write up to that limit.

4. Slash, het, gen, all are welcome. Same for the story's rating, just make sure you put up a warning.

5. I will kill you if you flame anyway. Or, you know, ban you from the community.

6. Spoilers are fine, just put up a warning, and make sure the drabble is under an lj-cut tag.

7. You can write up to 3 drabbles for each challange. Post each drabble in a seperate post, makes it easier when the voting time comes around.