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_er_'s Journal

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All Members , Moderated
A non-spoiler ER community.

Rules regarding spoilers to be developed. There won't be rules specifically saying "NO SPOILERS" but the lj-cut feature will be strictly enforced. I want everyone to enjoy this community and have the opportunity to see spoilers if they like, but still be respectful of those of us who cannot watch ER at 10 pm Eastern.

I see my role as moderator as only enforcing the lj-cut rule and making sure people play nice with each other, other than that I'm hands off. Please feel free to make suggestions. I've never moderated a community before so I welcome any tips! Plus, I want this to be a community for *all* of us.

Rules in progress:

1. You are welcome to discuss new episodes, but only behind an lj-cut. An episode is no longer considered to be "new" after 6 days (just a starting point, to be changed based on want of community members).

2. Any rerun or shows shown in syndication are fair game and please feel free to post about them.

3. Feel free to post spoilers about upcoming shows or seasons, but only behind an lj-cut clearly warning people they are about to read spoilers.

4. Any posts with spoilers not behind an lj-cut tag will be deleted immediately, so please remember to use the tag. If you don't know how to use the tag, directions can be found in the LJ FAQ.

5. No drama or purposeful conflict allowed! Be respectful of others in the community.

6. This is not a place to advertise other communities. The topic is ER and ER only.