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Original Epica Artwork for Sale

I had the privilege of doing an original piece of art for Epica's November 16th, 2010 show at JAXX Nightclub in Springfield, VA. I thought I'd share it with the fan communities, as well as let people know that it's available for sale- the original buyer didn't come back at the end of the show to pick it up, so I got permission from the band to put it up for sale online. Half of the proceeds get sent to Epica, just like with buying merch.

I haven't got my pic yet from the staffer I had been talking to, but once I get the email I'll also post up the picture of myself and Mark with the artwork on deviantArt for validity.

You can see the illustration at my dA- At the mercy of...

Janssen steps out, Palatai steps in

Info about the temporary replacement right here. Instant downgrade in the keys department, but it was the easy choice.

Also, If anyone wants two tickets including meets/greets for the Epica show at Gramercy, face value at $100 through Enter the Vault, which means one order number for two tickets, you'll have to tell me now. In 24 hours, I'm going to take my chances with Stubhub. I have a transportation problem from Long Island, so I'm going to have issues getting there. I can negotiate, I'm highly motivated to recover some of my loss.