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_ephemeron is a community created for the general appreciation of any and all Slytherin/Gryffindor ships. If you have any kind of fanwork at all based on a Slyth/Gryff relationship that you want to release to the world, or you simply wish to peruse the genius of other such people, then you've come to the right community.

+ What constitutes as a Slyth/Gryff relationship?
Basically anything that involes a Slytherin and a Gryffindor in varying states of relationships. The relationships don't necessarily have to be romantic (though it is preferred) but the fic must be centric on the particular Slyth/Gryff relationship (be it friendship/romance/conflict/whatever).

+ What kind of Slyth/Gryff relationships would be acceptable?
ANY! As long as there is a Slytherin and a Gryffindor involved, the world is your oyster.

+ Is NC-17 material allowed?
Yes, NC-17 material is allowed IF it is posted underneath a cut.

+ Are you allowed other pairings than just het?
Yup, you surely are. Anything is welcome, as long as the NC-17 rule is abided by. Slash, het, gen and any other kind of fics are quite welcome, as long as their type is mentioned in the warnings section in the forms. :]

+ Examples of Slyth/Gryff relationships may include:

... and so on and so forth.

+ Other questions?
Ask them here or email ephemeralinstant@gmail.com and you'll have them answered.

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