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Rules and regulations to follow when participating:

1. No Flaming. Ever. Constructive critism is welcomed, pure adoration is encouraged and promises of eternal love are celebrated. Flaming, however, is a heinous crime here, and you will be banned immediately. Don't do it.

2. All fic recommendations need to have the appropriate form filled out, for the convenience of all members/lurkers. This goes for all personal finished works or WIP's, as well. The forms are below, simply copy, paste and fill out.

3. When posting fics, large images or particularly long posts, please put them under an lj-cut. These look like this: <++lj-cut text="Title"++> (minus the "++").

4. Fics that are rated NC-17 must be put under a cut, please. That goes for NC-17 images, icons or anything else you may deign to come up with. We also ask that you put a rating warning somewhere.

5. Please make all external links open in a blank page. You can do that like this: <++a href="www.mylinkhere.com" target="_blank"++>Name of link here</a> (minus the "++").

6. If you want to promote within the community, please contact squaredancer or comment in this post about it.

7. Please post on topic. If it doesn't have anything to do with the community or the purpose of this community, then we don't really want to see it here. Any queries should go to squaredancer

Here is the form that is to be used when recommending/linking to fanfiction (either complete or not complete):

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