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First drabble ever

Pen Name: snivilis
Name of Fic:Ownership
Summary: a pet no one sees
Type:drabble-100 words
Rating(s): PG-13 (just because there is BDSM involved)
Warnings: This is a D/S relationship...Domination/Submission...
Pairing:It is meant to be a Harry/Draco, but it can be anyone
Disclaimer:Me not only wishes

No one saw him like this. His knees bruised from kneeling for hours. His arms stretched over his head by leather cuffs. His voice raw from hours of screaming as the whip meets his back and then from begging for release. No one saw the tears making paths down his face or the blood from the teethmarks being cleaned and healed. No one saw the desperation in his eyes or the desire ripping though his body.

He saw and touched every part of the quivering skin. He owned him like no one else could, mind, body and soul. Only his...

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