squaredancer (squaredancer) wrote in _ephemeron,

Title: Redeeming Grace
Author: squaredancer
Type of Fic: Highly extended one-shot
Rating: R/NC-17
Genre: Romance
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Moh.
Summary: I dreaded the next time she’d find me in a deserted corridor, and in a strange way I also looked forward to it. I hated the constant bogged-down feeling of being stalked, and yet there was a tiny fluttering of pride presiding somewhere within my stomach walls. The idea that Weasley’s little dolt of a sister was so enamored by me that she needed to see me nigh on every day would bring a smirk to my face in the strangest of instances.
Author Notes: Part three is rated NC-17, but parts one and two are just R.
Constructive Criticism:(yes/no) Yes please!

( Part One )

( Part Two )

( Part Three ) NC-17
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