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First, a really cute picture of Adrian and Jeremy last night at the Emmy's. Priceless faces.

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Also, in case you haven't heard, Entourage is under some fire lately because of the character Bob Ryan. Click the cut to read more (taken from defamer.com).

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So, we all know the entire series is loosely based on Mark Wahlberg's experiences and the experiences of his friends. Other than this Robert Evans/Bob Ryan business, does anyone know of or can they think of events that have happened on the show that can be traced back to real life events and who was actually involved? I was just curious...

Season Three


"HBO has committed to as many as 24-episodes of a third season of Entourage and even before the scheduled HBO premiere of Extras on Sunday, September 25, HBO has ordered a second season of the half-hour sitcom from BBC2, where the show has been playing this summer to strong audiences and reviews. It appears only Lisa Kudrow's Comeback will fail to get a second season pickup."

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There were yet more kind words for "Entourage" in today's New York Times ("Outmoded Showbiz vs. Insider Attitude," by Caryn James). The article starts off talking about the new film "The Aristocrats," & includes about 3 paragraphs about "Entourage." Here's how the part on our show starts: "...'Entourage' has been using young Hollywood & an insider's attitude to become the freshest & funniest of several series about show business." (The writer also seems to appreciate the Sundance episode, & the caricature of Harvey Weinstein.)


Grenier's band

Kind of a late heads up (sorry!)...the "Boldface" column in the New York Times print edition (I'm not sure if it's on nytimes.com) mentions a performance by Adrian Grenier's band, the Honey Brothers, & the writers talked to him a little bit after the performance (he talks about what it's like to work with women like Bai Ling & Mandy Moore, & says he doesn't go for blind dating).