Wating a whole year

Watching old episodes of Entourage and realizing how much I hate waiting a year for the next season. They really need to switch to 24 episodes per season.

Ari Gold is the man, he needs his own spin off

Ari "gang banged by a bunch of cholos"

Britney Screwed Up Her Comeback


Episode Discussion: Season 6, Episode 10 - "Berried Alive"

Come on, let's keep this community going - even if you're "so-so" about the season.
I feel like I'm the only one who posts.

I'm a little tired of this season myself, but I've been watching since season 1..
Celeb - AGarf - Green Parka

HBO renews Entourage for Season 7

HBO announced the renewal of its entire summer original programming lineup, ordering another round of freshman comedy "Hung," veteran comedy "Entourage" and hit vampire drama "True Blood."

Network executives addressing the critics at the Television Critics Association's semi-annual press tour said "Hung" will get a second season, "True Blood" a third and "Entourage" a seventh. The new seasons will debut sometime next year, with "Blood" firmly planned for summer.

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Sightings @ E! Online

OUT OF SMOKE: Kevin Connolly,  "puffing" on SmokeStiks to kick their cigarette habit at the SoBe Lifewater 4th of July Party at Santa Monica's Shangri-La Hotel.  

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Personally, I think it's really great that Kevin is trying to quit smoking.