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First, a really cute picture of Adrian and Jeremy last night at the Emmy's. Priceless faces.

Also, in case you haven't heard, Entourage is under some fire lately because of the character Bob Ryan. Click the cut to read more (taken from defamer.com).

Robert Evans Not Willing To Hug Out His 'Entourage' Counterpart, Bitch

Highly eligible local bachelor Robert Evans is reportedly not pleased with Hollywood's weekly Narcissine gaze into show business' murky waters, Entourage. Having been approached to play a jokey version of himself, like so many other behind-the-scenes luminaries have done already, the immaculately becoiffed superproducer politely turned them down. As a consolation prize, he offered full access to shoot in his multi-waterbedroom manse. But then he got a look at the final product--particularly the aging, buffoon producer played by Martin Landau:

Could HBO's Hollywood-skewering hit "Entourage" be getting its first lawsuit from a target? [...]

When the episodes aired these past two weeks, the "Kid Stays in the Picture" writer was angry to discover that they'd made his character into a bumbling, addled mockery of himself.

"They named the character 'Bob' and made him an old, loopy producer," said a source. And the final insult is, "They even used Evans' own house in the show!" [...]

An HBO rep said yesterday, "Bob Ryan was not based on Robert Evans."

While the HBO flack's eight-word rebuttal may do little to assuage Evans' outrage over the perceived caricature, we doubt he'll go so far as to sue, as the Daily News item suggested he might. Hollywood is teeming with superannuated, ex-movers-and-shakers looking to leap back in the game, and we imagine it would be next to impossible to prove in a court of law that Bob Ryan was a libelous creation based purely upon the producer. We think once he cools down a bit, Evans will be able to eventually appreciate Ryan's TV follies--especially after the introduction of a sidekick in season three: Brent Shatner, his husky, hacky protege, also a completely original comic creation of Entourage's crack team of writers.

So, we all know the entire series is loosely based on Mark Wahlberg's experiences and the experiences of his friends. Other than this Robert Evans/Bob Ryan business, does anyone know of or can they think of events that have happened on the show that can be traced back to real life events and who was actually involved? I was just curious...
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