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honestly i couldn't agree more with this woman. this was just a really funny epi and i laughed my ass off when ari and lloyd scenes where on. XD

ari: "anyway people, staff meeting has been cancelled. you all have one goal today. to get vincent chase's brother, johnny chase, a job, any job. i don't care if it's a porn shoot in which he is gang raped by a gaggle of silverback apes. if there are cameras rolling, everybody wins. 10 grand to anyone who can deliver this to me, today."

^^that line is still cracking me up.
and just so you didn't know, silverback ape looks like this.

i so can picture him with his friends having a lil- sum and sum with drama. XD
but here is the blog again...

July 16, 2006: Three's Company

Yes, three really is company, and I’m not just talking about the sexy menage a trios. What about Drama being the three’s company between Ari and every time he tried getting a hold of Vince? Ok yeah that doesn’t compare, but Ari of course did have the best lines again in the episode. More on that in a bit.

So Sloan was finally back after being MIA for five episodes and what a return she made. Let’s not forget this was not Emmanuelle Chriqui’s first girl-on-girl on-screen kiss. She appeared on The O.C. last year as Jodie, the ex-girlfriend of Alex – the girl who dated both Seth and Marissa. And kudos to The Comeback’s Malin Akerman for making her own comeback to television with a racy scene that probably had Nikki Hilton jealous. (She’s dating Kevin Connolly who plays E.) How awkward though, when E woke up cuddling with the wrong girl. I can’t wait to see where this one goes, since I really like getting to see the personal sides of each of the guys and not just have it be about Vince.

Speaking of which, that whole conversation between Lloyd, Ari & Johnny was just so damn funny: “I have Ari – do you have Vince – here’s Drama” that went on forever. I could probably watch an entire half hour of just Ari and Lloyd and be cracking up the whole time. Lloyd was hilarious and does his best work when trying to manage Ari’s anger. Too bad he didn’t know that holding Ari back from throwing the rented computer monitor across the room would get something thrown at his rear end. (This is the part of the column I shamelessy worship Jeremy Piven) I love that Ari was so desperate to talk to Vince he offered $10,000 to the first agent to find Drama a job. Go figure it was Lloyd who came through even though Ari said he’d be paid 10,000 yen. I wonder how many dollars that amounts to?

So best line of the night, and unfortunately I can’t use the real words, but you guys know what I’m referring to – Ari telling E that Jake Gyllenhaal will be replacing Vince: “Brokeback mother (bleeping) Aquaman, take that (bleep).” Enough said.

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