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End of Days - post "Not Fade Away" RPG

Where will you be?

This is the end of days. (NC-17)
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This is a BtVS/AtS post "Not Fade Away" RPG. This RPG is rated NC-17. Basically anything goes. Slash welcomed and even encouraged. =)

The war between good and evil has begun, but already a few have fallen. Wesley Wyndam-Price, Charles Gunn, Winifred Burkle...they will be remembered, but the fight must go on. Angel, Spike, and Illyria held out for as long as they could, killing more then their fare share, but it proved to be too much for them. They have retreated and now call on the gang from Sunnydale to help and to bring whatever alies they can.

If you would like to join in on this RPG please submit the following form to claudia6913@yahoo.com or emmy7792@yahoo.com You can also check http://www.cravingspike.com or http://www.restlessbtvs.com/characters/main/ for a complete list of characters and breif description of thier history.

LJ name:
Character applying for:
Sample of writing (fic):
Sample of character: This would be a bit of background maybe, or possibly how they became involved in the fight, written from the characters point of view, first person.
Where you plan to take the character:
RPG experience:
**Please note that we would like to see both an example of your writing and a character sample.**

Go to spike_eod for an example of a character.

The maintainers are claudia6913 and emeraldswan.

Open Characters:

Harmony Kendall

Other Vamp(s) (please give a short background and reason for being in the war)


Kate Lockley
Members of Gunn's old Gang (please give brief history and why they would join the fight)

Riley Finn
Sam Finn

Andrew Wells
Robin Wood
The Immortal

Other Slayers (please give a short background on how they were found)


Lydia Charmer
Other Watchers (please give background if chosing a random name)

Other Evil Characters (please give a short background and their possible involvement in the war)

Current Character List:
angel_eod played by smhwpf
spike_eod played by claudia6913
illyria_eod played by cafedemonde
willow_eod played by emeraldswan
kennedy_eod played by claudia6913
vi_eod played by whiskyinmind
xander_eod played by whiskyinmind
amy_eod played by claudia6913
dawn_eod played by emeraldswan
casey_eod played by alltherealice
thefirst_eod played by emeraldswan
drusilla_eod played by cafedemonde
giles_eod played by dragonydreams
caleb_eod played by whiskyinmind
lilah_eod played by cafedemonde
snrpartners_eod played by emeraldswan and claudia6913
ethan_eod played by wickedfox
ruza_eod played by emeraldswan
garrison_eod played by cafedemonde
nina_eod played by valorgrl
vilem_eod played by claudia6913
connor_eod played by whiskyinmind
anya_eod played by whiskyinmind
graham_eod played by valorgrl
gwen_eod played by valorgrl
buffy_eod played by emeraldswan
oz_eod played by rileysaplank

If there is a character not listed here that you would like to play, please e-mail the mods with a short history of what that character could contribute to the RPG.

You must be able to post at least once a week. Also, please stay in contact with those you are talking to at the time of post if making major plot changes. There is a yahoo group set up for those who don't use a messenger service. http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/the_end_of_days/

The following live journal community depicts the "lives" of several fictional characters. This is a Role Play Game based on the  universes depicted in the television shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel created by Joss Whedon.  All  the activities portrayed in this community, as well as in the individual character journals, are entirely fictional.  The BtVS/AtS universes  are the property of  Joss Whedon and his production companies, as well as the studios that produced the shows.  No money is being made from this endeavor, and no copyright infringement is intended.