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We aren't Loners!

We just have a small group of friends!

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Welcome To _emptypromises, This Community is for any and every thing. Post about what ever you like.
First rule of _emptypromises is that there are no rules. Post what you like although we have the power and will delete posts involving discrimination, spam (that does not include telling people about a event, or show) and other posts we just don’t like just. Just try keep it somewhat clean that’s all we ask for, we don’t mine swearing and that will never get your post thrown out. Other than that post about any, and we mean anything. If you want something added to interests, just join and make a post saying what you want.
YOU CAN PROMOTE ANY OTHER COMMUNITY! But, (there is always that BUT in there) You have to comment in puddin_pi (my Journal) telling me that you want to promote a certain community. Then once me and secondguess (Mason) both check it out you can post it once a day. If you need to promote for an application and you have to promote RIGHT THEN, go ahead but Mason and I have the right to delete any promotion. Since I love everyone, I will be REALLY flexible about this rule so be flexible back!
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Your Moderator and co-mod Mason
OUR AFFILIATES, If you would like to be here, just comment in puddin_pi with your button!

Many Thanks to essenceofadream for out community button!
thanks to luna_mistress from bkgz_layout_hlp
for the layout
Our theme stamp was made by petitevicious Thank you!
Thank you to jillandrhody from , graphicsrus for our awesome background!