Im Noel friends call me raven or billy
I joined this comunity in search or people to talk to and help.
First off i would like to say im not against sex but im think that before t you have sex with someone you should get them std tested. I have had sex with this guy and it was my first time we used a condom and I ended up with genital herpes. I looked at him before hand and he looked fine. You never know. I even asked him if he has or had anything and he lied. Don't trust people. I'm biesexual and I know all about the tricks and the lies men and women pull. (of corse you don't need to be like me.) I just think that people should be carefull. Also I used to have really bad acne and girls and guys if you are looking to get rid of it ask your doctor about Zithromax it's used to cure gonarea but also acne and it really works. The greatest thing is that you only have to use it 1x for 3 days. I am 17. I'm from Milwaukee. If i could vote I would For Kerry becuase I think it was Bushes Fault for sep 11th. If you have any questions feel free to ask me anything.
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Okay new theme everyone. What do you think about the election?

I don't want to cause fights or anything, this is just a place where you all can vent or express your opinions.


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Hey everyone! Welcome back, I hope you like the new layout. It's nothing special but I think it will work. The new theme is whatever you want. So post away! Don't forget to whore this community now that it's open again. There is a post in the memories with all of the butons. <3

Were Back ! or At Least I'am !

Hey everyone, sorry this post hasnt come sooner, but as you all know the school year is upon us. That means that Amanda and i are busy as hell, but the time has come to get this baby rolling again. Assuming that Amanda well be up for it, i want to have a theme up by the weekend, and a new layout too...the theme still isnt nailed down, so if you have an idea let me know at or my lj secondguess.

I have high hopes for this community the second time around. i would love to have a place where teenagers can come to speak out about how they really feel when it comes to real issues. I dont mean if pink or yellow is the new black. I mean: race, love, life, religion, politics, music, movies, college and the like. So please when the theme comes up be understanding about peoples opinions.

Lastly, dont be afraid to post outside of the theme. If there is something going on your life you want to let out or need advice about feel free to make a post.

Mason (your long lost co-mod)


okay so since the school year has started again... does that mean that this community will be becoming active again? are we gonna keep up with the themes n such?

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I figured that since it is summer and everyone is busy I will close _emptypromises untill school starts. I think during school teens have more to vent about.

I am still taking theme ideas
Feel free to IM me on my AIM Babipuddinpi

Have fun the rest of your summer guys!

<3 Amanda

Kerry vs. Bush


Bush I don't like. I haven't seen Farenheit 9-11 (which is probably more of a video editorial than a documentary, but that's not a problem with me. What I don't like is Moore ripping off Ray Bradbury, who is rightfully pissed. But anyway...).

Bush has just done too much crap wrong. Sure, every intelligence agency in the world was convinced that Saddam Hussein had a chemical-weapons program before the war. But no one went to war over it. Bush said that there was a connection to certain international terrorist groups, and that was what made the war happen. The link was questionable then. It's been proven nonexistent now. Wars shouldn't be started over bad intelligence, and that was terrible stuff right there.

The economy:

Honestly I think that the president has about as much control over the economy as the guy in the passenger seat telling the driver where to go. Sure, the passenger can tell the driver where to go, but only if the driver wants to go there. The economy decides for itself what it likes to do nearly all of the time. The stock market would've tanked in 2001 if it FDR was in office and JFK was vice-president. It wouldn't have mattered. What was a bad decision on Bush's part was doing tax cuts during a major war. Stupid, stupid, stupid. A third-grader knows that you don't take a pay cut and then run out and buy a plasma TV and a Mercedes.

Other shit:

Gay marriage: who gives a damn? Is it your business whether or not two guys want to marry one another? Shouldn't they be offered the same rights? Whatever happened to equality, along with freedom of choice and a certain respect for other's private decisions? Is that against your neo-conservative values? I've heard people talk about the constitutional amendment to make true marriage the law of the land. What they don't say is that it's a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. You're screwing with the very genetics of our government here. The Constitution is not a legislative document, as we learned very well with a thing called Prohibition. It failed miserably and got a lot of innocent people killed. The Constitution lays down the rights of the people, the rights of the government and how the government is organized. Nothing more.

Running mate: If Bush has any intelligence at all left he'll dump Cheney. As Mitch Albom said today, Cheney has too much experience. He's a bit too well-connected for most people to be comfortable. Everyone knows that Cheney runs the show and that Bush is the centerpiece. If Bush is smart he'll ask McCain to be VP, but McCain never will agree and Bush will never ask. McCain doesn't ever sell out like that and he's too far to the left for Bush to like. Sure, he's Republican, but he's on the party's far left. Which is good. Because I like that. I would also like to see McCain run for president again, but that's probably not going to happen.


Look, people, I'm afraid I don't know enough about Kerry to make a decision on him at this point. Between Bush and Kerry I'll pick Kerry, but I don't know anything about him. He needs to do more interviews or something, I think, and at the moment I don't know what he's for and what he's not. So that's my problem with him - I have zero info. And that's why Bush's section is disproportionately longer, because I think I have more info on him to be comfortable with him running the country at this point.


Wow. I got through all that without hitting ALT and erasing all my crap. Thank you God.