Mason Cook (secondguess) wrote in _emptypromises,
Mason Cook

Were Back ! or At Least I'am !

Hey everyone, sorry this post hasnt come sooner, but as you all know the school year is upon us. That means that Amanda and i are busy as hell, but the time has come to get this baby rolling again. Assuming that Amanda well be up for it, i want to have a theme up by the weekend, and a new layout too...the theme still isnt nailed down, so if you have an idea let me know at or my lj secondguess.

I have high hopes for this community the second time around. i would love to have a place where teenagers can come to speak out about how they really feel when it comes to real issues. I dont mean if pink or yellow is the new black. I mean: race, love, life, religion, politics, music, movies, college and the like. So please when the theme comes up be understanding about peoples opinions.

Lastly, dont be afraid to post outside of the theme. If there is something going on your life you want to let out or need advice about feel free to make a post.

Mason (your long lost co-mod)

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