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I HOPE THAT SHE DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we are suppose ter be friends not enamies.
Hoe can somebody lie straight to anothers face and think that they just got away with it? I can't belive that she said all those things to me
I hate her with a passion (if a Had Passion) but still oh my god! why are people so fucking stupid?
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rah rah rah its 2005
we are still alive
not funny I love yah honey
exspecailly when you smile
It might take awile
To tell you how I feel
Maybe you'll learn to deal
rah rah rah rah it's 2005
the world didn't die we still strive
somethings happend that I wanna forget
Things Ive done mostly stupid shit
nothing ever will be the same
every day will alwayz be lame
I ll always love yah
rah rah it was 2004
now never more
Because I survived
now its 2005
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So I was walking along minding my own buisness and some dude just came up to me and wack running at full speed. I mean what the hell? and he was like ohh.. I thought that you were somebody else. what the hell is wrong with socity today? Not that it would be any diff if it was meh but damn...
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haha not....

I like this guy who i went out with
he seems not to show any feelings for me but I still have some for him
should I tell him to get it off my chest or do I
just let things be?
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haven't posted for a bit im sorry.
anyways how's everyone been?
hope everyone has a special holiday what ever they celebrate or rated.

what do I do to talk to someone i don't know that well to see if they are intrested in me without getting embarassed or strange and making a fool of myself?
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