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gar, im a pirate!

Name: dana
Street Name: red haven
Age: 15
Location: jersey

Favorite quote: "What if I ripped your heart apart at the seams?
Maybe then you'd know how I feel."
Make me laugh: um, booger?

Who are your favorite bands and why?: matchbook-good songs & lyrics. incubus-kick ass lyrics. tbs-i can relate to them. MCR-good to scream once in a while.
Most Over-Rated Band?: good charlotte
What was the best show you have ever been to?: hm, warped tour was pretty kick ass.
What was the worst show you have ever been to?: good charlotte & nfg
What is your favorite genre of music?: punk rock

Please promote to at least one other user and at least one other community.
Tell us who: lindsay linds_higg. im not allowed to post promotions in the communities im in =\

3 pictures of yourself.

[on the left]

AND one picture of yourself doing something rediculious:

[not rediculas, but i dont have "funny" pictures]

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