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Hey I'm Devin, I live in California, and I'm almost of 13 years. I <3 My Chemical Romance entirely too much. *sighs* One of my many obsessions....oh yeah, and I like The Used, Death Cab for Cutie, Cursive, Weezer, The Postal Service, Nirvana, The Advantage, Malice Mizer (a Japanese goth rock band that broke up..), uh lots of stuff. Read my profile for the full list ^_^ I like techno too. And rock. And emo music. And gothic music. I like a lot of stuff. Oh and I'm in a band called Project Redo, and I'm the lead singer. :P We haven't recorded any songs yet though...

I wish I had some cool emo glasses, but I don't. On the other hand, I have some too short pants that I wear! Does that work? lol




I'm too emotional.. T _ T
but what do you expect, I'm a Cancer.

And...I love Quizilla! I live on Quizilla! And Myspace! And i hate them a bit...
*cries* they took off my story...i'll go cry now.

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