It's just a taste.

and it might not come this way again

lock up your daughter's legwear
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This is eventually going to be a community for emo kids to bitch to each other about what pisses them off! If you have an opinion and are wearing tight pants, share it! (you know, we can’t really tell if you actually are wearing emo pants.)

For those of you who are in the dark as to what emo pants are, here is a picture:
(if there’s no picture here, I was too lazy to upload it onto photobucket to share with you fine people. If there is, kudos to me.)

The only rule(s) here are to respect each other and your mod(s), because respect is hella rad. And remember always to introduce yourself and grace us with some interesting facts about you and tell us about your hobbies and give us a short list of your favorite bands. If you feel the need to, you can add something along the lines of add me if u want and mayB I’ll add u back<3 <3 <3 because everyone loves friends!! Pictures are also cool. That way we know what you look like. However, if you don’t have a digital camera, I FEEL YOUR PAIN, because if I had one, there would be a picture of me right here:


but alas, I don’t.

Oh, and promote. Communities love it when you promote in them and you’re not allowed to!! (but if you need to promote a community in _emopants, please, relate it to either emo or pants.) (Also, if anyone feels like fixing the crap-assed layout or making some cool icon things that move, that’d be wicked.)

Isn’t this community great??

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