not the least emo thing i've ever seen

Introduction post.

Hey, my name's Faith. I'm living in New York City and attending New York University for Dramatic Writing. My top 5 favorite bands are 1. Hole 2. Fall Out Boy 3. My Chemical Romance 4. Chumbawamba 5. The Smiths. My favorite emo band after FOB and MCR is probably Jawbreaker.

I think the most annoying thing people do in relation to emo is when they try to act like they know more about it than me, even though they say they hate it. They should just admit that since I'm actually interested in it I'll logically no more about it! But people are constantly like, "No, let me tell you the deal with emo kids. They're obsessed with Linkin Park."

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Hi. My name is Lauren. Emo pants are rad. I wish I had Emo pants. I think. Can girls have emo pants?

Anyway, my favrotie bands as of right now My Chemical Romance, Thursday, At The Drive-In, Q and not U, This Day And Age, and The Spill Canvas. But that could change in a few minuets.

Oh, I'd love it if someone would join my rad community. Please?


just some MCS info for y'all

hello kids. you guys came up in my search for Motion City Soundtrack fans...
In case any of you are from the UK I thought I'd post this li'l bit of info...
Remember the Blink 182 Feb 2004 tour? Remember the awesome support band Motion City Soundtrack? Well they're coming back to the UK! From May 10th MCS will be supporting Finch on some UK dates, and will have 2 dates of their own! Head to for some more info and tickets!
10-May London Carling Academy Islington UK (with Finch)

11-May Manchester Academy2 UK (with Finch)

12-May Glasgow King Tuts/Garage UK (with Finch)

13-May Wolverhampton Little Civic UK (headline)

14-May London Waterrats UK (headline)

And the guys have also been so kind as to add a matinee showing at the Watterats on the 14th too.
Please show you support and check 'em out.

Bye kids!