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1. Be nice to people, don't call people ugly when you are voting, it's just mean.
2. The App must be filled out within 48 hours of joining or you will be banned.
3. After you have submitted your Application in 24 hours voting is over and the votes will be counted
4. Love your MODS and do there biddings!
5. In the subject line write "i <3 emo music" just so we know you read the rules
6. Promoting other communities is aloud as long as you promote for us and give us the links.
7. In the app. answer the question "buy?" with "a brand new shirt and jacket"
8. when filling out the app have the questions or answers bold
9. never ever ever judge people on their looks, this is not a rating community, so dont act like it is
10. If you are rejected remove yourself from this community and you are welcome to re-apply in a week.

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And your lovely new Co-Mod is........... heather_socca


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