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Long story made short, the apathetic mods will no longer reign over this dusty ghost town of a community. From this split-second rash decision forth, I will attempt to keep alive this community full of cranky, shallow emo children. I'm not really emo, but that's okay, this is _emomusic_. Let's talk about music and stuff.
<3 Zaq

PS--I'm probably going to be just as lazy as the mods were, but I felt like sounding cool, haha.
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i always seem to remind my freinds of everyone but me.
and ive noticed that im very good at starting realtionships. those first few months are golden. but after that.......not so much. its like how i strike up conversations with strangers. it easy. because theres nothing required but a few moments of freindlieness. no obligations. so yeah.