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please please PLEASE check us out! let us know what you think! we just got out of the studio, have new songs up and live vids of live performances up as well! check them out! thanks!

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ello uoi...i'm jerrad i am 16 and i live in the south UGH, dont hold it against me though i'm not like most hicks (i narrowly escaped it) thankfully though i turned out semi normal...i like making observations and about people and writing them down(freaks ppl out somtimes)

and i like movies like

  • i <3 huckabees
  • eternal sunshine
  • garden state
  • my first mister
  • saved
  • we dont live here nemore
  • and the killbills
  • and it like GWENY GWEN GWEN
  • andre 3000
  • the stills
  • the kills
  • death cab for cutie
  • and the postal service

most often i'm lying on a swing at my pool listening to music and...well...that's about it...if u friend me i will most def friend you back</33 JERRAD

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    retour a vega


check out and for new songs! 5 total new songs! 3 on myspace, 2 on purevolume! check them all out and let us know what you think!
thanks to everyone who has been listening already and thanks to the livejournal communities for putting up with us! we <3 u all!!!

courtesy of you