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Name: Christi
Age:  17
Sex:  female
Location: Arizona
straight/bi/gay: straight, but don't mind making out with other girls

aim sn:  prettyxlikexemo
msn sn:

7 of your favorite bands_
.:1:. My Chemical Romance
.:2:. The USED
.:3:.  Taking back sunday
.:4:. The Juliana Theory

.:5:.  Greenday
.:6:.  Rancid
.:7:.  Allison Model One
5 bands you dislike_
.:1:.  Good Charlotte
.:2:.  Simple Plan
.:3:.  All american Rejects
.:4:.  Bowling for soup
.:5:.  Linkin Park
3 of your favorite movies_
.:1:.  SLC Punk
.:2:.  Saw
.:3:.  Garage Days
2 books you like
.:1:.  Harry Potter
.:2:.  Dr. Seuss

Post your favorite song lyric and which song it is from: "I'd love to be the shoulder that you cry on.  I'd love to be the friend you call when things are great." - Juliana Theory: The Closest thing

This or That: This
emo or screamo: screamo
taking back sunday or the used: The Used
sweatshirts or t-shirts: Tees
hot or cold:  Hot
rain or shine:  Rain
night or day: Night
books or magazines: Zines
mtv or fuse(if u get it): Fuse

gay marriage: Just leave them alone.  If they're happy, let them be happy.
abortion: Not unless you want to die too.
war on terror: Against war
straightedge: Dunno
suicide: It's sad when people are such complete ass holes that someone thinks they have to do that to themselves just to make all the pain go away.
labels: Does it matter?  People are labeled wether they want to be or not.

give something funny (story, picture, etc):  http://www.iloveegg.com/winopen_ani/eggsong.htm



give at least 1 picture




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just stamped new members heres the list. no one was rejected. i guess your that emo. but i do ask that you keep promoting. theres nothing better then a community than a community with more people. ask your friends. after all your are emo. you should have other emo friends worthy of being accepted. if you do wish to leave the community at any time please tell the mod you are leaving by posting an entry or emailing me at bassplayer1404@hotmail.com. i am probably going to get a layout down for this community. since it is a community. im leaving options open. if theres anything specific you wish to have wether it be colors or a picture or the words for comments, then say so. but please can you all agree, i dont want any stupid fights over a stupid layout design. as soon as there are more members joining and people applying i will be asking for co-mods. i will probably have an application for that. and ill ask that it be sent to my email that way i dont have other members trying to vote on who i should pick. when i have that up i will give more details


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