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Emo is Love


Name:Kimberly Elise
Age: 13
Sex: Female
Location: Deer Park, Texas
straight/bi/gay: Straight

give what you have:
aim sn: kimbalee43
msn sn:
yahoo sn: emochic429 (but I don't get on it very often)

7 of your favorite bands_
.:1:. The Starting Line
.:2:. Taking Back Sunday
.:3:. The Used
.:4:. Bright Eyes
.:5:. Spitalfield
.:6:. Hawthorne Heights
.:7:. Evanescences(Please don't kill me, I love that band and alot of people don't.)
5 bands you dislike_
.:1:. Good Charlotte
.:2:. Linkin Park(Yeah, ya'll probably hate me for that too)
.:3:. Lindsay Lohan(Singer, but still.)
.:4:. Korn
.:5:. Can't think of anymore "bands"
3 of your favorite movies_
.:1:. The Little Mermaid
.:2:. Cheaper by the Dozen
.:3:. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
2 books you like
.:1:. Speak
.:2:. The Afterlife

Post your favorite song lyric and which song it is from:
Tell me what you thought about when you were gone, and so alone, the worst is over you can have the best of me
This or That:
emo or screamo: emo
taking back sunday or the used: ooh, um The Used
sweatshirts or t-shirts: t-shirts
hot or cold: cold(You can always put more on, you can only take so much off)
rain or shine: Rain I suppose.
night or day: Night
books or magazines: books <3
mtv or fuse(if u get it): I suppose MTV considering I don't know what fuse is.

gay marriage: I am totally for it. If people who are different religions, races, ages, and so on can get married, why can't people of the same sex? I mean, the couple can always just live together and not get married. But to prove your love to each other by getting married, I believe is perfectly ok.
abortion: Ok, here is what I have to say about it. I do not think it should be used as birth control. Now if you were raped or the birth of the baby is deadly to the baby or the mom, then ok. But not just because you didn't use protection when you were fooling around.
war on terror: I am against the war. If we were being attacked again and again then I can see it, but we are just stirring up troubble over there.
straightedge: I have just found out about it, and very little. All I know is no sex, no drugs, no drinking. If someone could explain more I'd be very happy. But of what I do know about it, I think that it's a great lifestyle to have.
suicide: I have thought about it in the past, because I was very upset with my life, but I can't see myself doing it now. People always think that if they do kill themselves, no one will miss them, but that is bull. There is always SOMEONE that will miss you. Even if you didn't even know they knew you were alive. It's a sad thing, and it's happening far to often.
labels: Ok well, considering this is an EMO community.. Labels are a part of life. Everyone gets labeled. If not then what are you, a nobody..WAIT, that's a label. See, we can't live without them.

give something funny (story, picture, etc):
OK, this is funny to me so, here goes:
Ok I have a friend who is a sophmore at our high school. Well, I like love that kid and we decided we are getting married and having kids. So we have "had" three kids and Sunday we were planning on getting together today in the band hall of the high school,girl's bathroom, 3rd stall, our 4th one, but he left before I could see him(today is his birthday so I wanted to tell him happy birthday anyway). And so earlier this evening he apologized for standing me up and promised he wouldn't next time. :]

promote us in 2 places and give the links:
(If I get accepted I'll promote some other places, I was just doing what I was supposed to right now because I am pressed for time.)

give at least 1 picture (more is fine but max is 5):
Image hosted by


Image hosted by

Hope you enjoyed, go easy on this girl.
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