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emo is love.

Name: Roo
Age: Nineteen
Sex: Female, I think.
Location: Perth, Austrailia, but currently New Jersey.
straight/bi/gay: Bisexual.

give what you have:
aim sn: biackeyed
msn sn:
yahoo sn:

7 of your favorite bands_
.:1:. Hawthorne Heights
.:2:. The Black Maria
.:3:. Muse
.:4:. Placebo
.:5:. Thursday
.:6:. The Dandy Warhols
.:7:. My Chemical Romance
5 bands you dislike_
.:1:. Linkin Park
.:2:. Anything to do with Rap.
.:3:. Incubus
.:4:. Sugarcult
.:5:. The Libertines
3 of your favorite movies_
.:1:. A Clockwork Orange
.:2:. Velvet Goldmine
.:3:. What's eating Gilbet Grape?
2 books you like
.:1:. Trainspotting & Porno
.:2:. On the Road

Post your favorite song lyric and which song it is from:

This or That:
emo or screamo: Screamo.
taking back sunday or the used: Taking back Sunday.
sweatshirts or t-shirts: T-shirt.
hot or cold: Cold.
rain or shine: Rain.
night or day: Night.
books or magazines: Books.
mtv or fuse(if u get it): Fuse.

gay marriage: Whatever makes you happy.
abortion: Whatever makes you happy.
war on terror: Kiss my ass.
straightedge: Boring.
suicide: If you're really annoying.
labels: Fuck 'em.

give something funny (story, picture, etc):

What do Jesus and a painting have in common?

You need nails to hang both of them.

give at least 1 picture (more is fine but max is 5):
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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