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So I say thank you for the scars.

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Emo is love

Name: Emilie(oh yeah I spell it the cool way!)   
Age:14 almost 15
Sex: sure why not! uh no, im a girl as far as i know
Location: Southern California biatch! (LA area)
straight/bi/gay: I'm straight, i think *ponders*

give what you have:
aim sn: smplmldy182 (no its not some people are moldy its simple melody)
msn sn: (i dont go on that one much though)
yahoo sn: dont ahve one

7 of your favorite bands_
.:1:. My Chemical Romance
.:2:. The Used
.:3:. Avenged Sevenfold
.:4:. Atreyu
.:5:. Saosin
.:6:. Blink-182
.:7:. Brand New
5 bands you dislike_
.:1:. Yellow Card
.:2:. Norma Jean
.:3:.Anything Rap
.:4:. Anything Hip-Hop
.:5:. Rancid
3 of your favorite movies_
.:2:. Lilo and Stitch
.:3:. Finding Neverland
2 books you like
.:1:. Riptide
.:2:.Daddys Little Girl

Post your favorite song lyric and which song it is from: "I've lost my fear of falling I will be with you"- Its not a fasion statement, its a fucking deathwish.
"Wake up now, its over. Just tell me its okay to die."-Life on Standby

This or That:
emo or screamo: i cant choose i love them both so much its bad for my health
taking back sunday or the used: the used
sweatshirts or t-shirts: t-shirts
hot or cold: cold
rain or shine: rain
night or day: night
books or magazines: books
mtv or fuse(if u get it): fuse

gay marriage: if your in love you should be able to get married. love doesnt discriminate. i have lots of gay friends and it sucks because they probably wont be able to know the joy of getting married.
abortion: its murder, but its the mothers choice. if she wants to kill her baby so be it. but i think you should have to be 18 or older to have an abortion because if your younger than that and stupid enough to get pregnant in the first place then its your fault.
war on terror: bull shit. our generation will be living with Bush's stupidity long after hes six feet under.
straightedge: I'm straight edge and damn proud!! although im not like hardcore. i do drink occasionally and i do eat meat(although i try really hard not to)
suicide: it sucks, i've tried to commit suicide 5+ times and its not fun. I've realised that suicide is just plain selfish. if you think your so depressed that you cant go on, damn you must think about yourself ALOT!
labels: hate 'em, dont use 'em.

give something funny (story, picture, etc):

i had a friend make this one for me

promote us in 2 places and give the links:

give at least 1 picture (more is fine but max is 5):

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