Help Please?

Alrighty! EVERYONE HELP ME! It has been kind of dead in here i know, and i also know that this does not pertain to music, but i really would like a few different views. Due to my indecisive nature, i have some senior pictures here that i need help deciding on. The deal is this: I am having more taken (2 rolls of my initial appointment didn't turn out at the developing place, so i get to have more taken), but i need to indicate which of these shots i like best. So i think, that everyone should take a quick vote on which ones they think are best (3-5 votes sound ok?) This way i get some outside input, so please do it because (and i am not fishing for compliments) i really don't like any of them that much. (The number of each picture is to the left of the photo).  And please, if you are going to say anything crule keep it to yourself, i would rather no comment then a mean one.

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