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Name: heather
Age: 16
Location: Davie, Florida
Do you like where you live? i guess. its kinda boring though.
One place you would like to visit: Europe
One wish: go back in time and fix a few things
One Fear: living alone
One day you'll never forget: going to the rapids with my best friends
The best show you've every been to: a local band show where i live. my boyfriend (at the time) was in it.
If you could meet anyone, who would it be? johnny depp!!
Favorite record label? hmm.. i dont know. the ones that signed Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the disco?
Name a trend that annoys you: hollister
What do you think of MTV? it needs more music. and less reality
Whos your favorite musician? as in a single person? hmm.. dashboard confessional i guess.
What question should be on here? favorite food?
Your myspace link (if you have one) http://www.myspace.com/littleone07  (doesnt everyone have one? ha)

Your 5 favorite bands:
Panic! at the disco
2. Mae
3. Something corporate
4. My Chemical Romance
5. All American Rejects
Worst band: Korn
2 favorite movies
Pirates of the Carribean (sp?)
2. Hook
2 favorite books:
5 People You Meet in Heaven
2. A Million Little Pieces

Promote in 3 places and show link. you wont be accepted if you dont promote.


on the right

(damnit...its small, but i think this picture looks cool.)


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