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Location: Michigan

Do you like where you live? Yes because of the open air, No because there is nothing here.

One place you would like to visit:

One wish: I wish that people would stop doing dumb things.

One Fear: I fear being alone.

One day you'll never forget:The day I kissed my girlfriend Jacquie in the corn maze...

The best show you've every been to: Syd

If you could meet anyone, who would it be? I dont really want to meet just anyone because of fame or such things. Every person is a person... not like some rich god or something... I just like meeting people... Real People...

Favorite record label? none

Name a trend that annoys you: Girls with the same tattoos on their lower backs! For christsakes be original!

What do you think of MTV? I like Mtv, back in the Day when they actually played music videos! The channel that is now on isnt MTV... Its The Pop Culture Bubble Gum Channel. Yeah, "I want my Mtv" - not the current BS TV.

Whos your favorite musician? Wes Borland

What question should be on here? Guns or Butter?

Your myspace link (if you have one)

Your 5 favorite bands:

1. Green Day (Since Kerplunk)

2. Prodigy

3. 311

4. The Offspring

5. Metallica

Worst band: Rage Against the Machine

2 favorite movies

1. Army of Darkness (Evil Dead)

2. Donnie Darko

2 favorite books:

1. Beloved

2. Ki in daily life

Promote in 3 places and show link. you wont be accepted if you dont promote.



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