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_emocrazy's Journal

emo crazy
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1- dont rate other applicants until you are accepted.
2- if your not accepted dont bitch. try again in a week.
3- dont argue with another post.
4- dont post anything until you've been accepted.
5- dont argue with the mods.
6- so we know you read the rules put "AM I EMO CRAZY?" in the subject line.
7- apply within a day of joining
8- put your application under an LJ cut (if not it will be deleted)
9- Every entry you post in the community
..put "EMO CRAZY" in the subject line, so we know you've been accepted

1- stay active..post.promote
2- you can be as harsh as you want when voting.
3- put all pictures and such in a lj cut.
4- when voting dont let others influence your decision.
5- if one of your friends apply. DO NOT automatically say "yes"
you MUST vote fairly, like you would any other applicant.

:why should we accept you?:
:whats emo mean to you?:
:what makes you emo:

:10 favorite bands:
:5 favorite movies:
:3 favorite books:
:3 favorite songs:
:lyrics that describe you:

what do you think about...
:bush & kerry:
:same sex marriage:
:self mutilation:

:promote to TWO communites & show the link (we will check them):
:TWO - FIVE pictures of YOURSELF: