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:Name: Kristina
:Age: 18
:F/M: female
:sexuality: bi
:location: Delaware
:why should we accept you?: because i love emo, along with other types of music, and im really a great person, im sweet and funny and i like applying for new communities
:whats emo mean to you?: really great music that is full of meaning and inspiration
:what makes you emo: my emotion and moods

:10 favorite bands: A Static Lullaby, Allister, Autopilot Off, Blink182, Brand New, Catch 22, Coheed and Cambria, Count The Stars, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Emery, Further Seems Forever, Hidden In Plain View
:5 favorite movies: Van Wilder, The Nightmare Before Christmas, 50 First Dates, Dawn of the Dead, Grind
:3 favorite books: The Hobbit, Four Past Midnight, Johnny The Homicidal Maniac
:3 favorite songs: Blink182- 'Carousel', The Used- 'Hard To Say', Brand New- 'The Shower Scene'
:lyrics that describe you: "It's only you, beautiful. Or I don't want anyone. If I can choose it's only you." --Brand New
:color: hot pink
:clothing: i love plaid pants! i usually wear anything i buy at this skate/surf shop i go to..stuff from Pac Sun too..if you shop there, than you should know

what do you think about...
:bush & kerry: i dont like neither..i am not much for politics so i doubt i can really answer this very well, but i'd prefer Kerry over Bush
:sXe: i used to be everything that straight edge was against, but i've really changed and i like myself better this way..its awesome
:same sex marriage: i am all for gay marriage. i know so many guys who are just like anyone else, they are emo and hardcore and punk and they be themselves. plus they are one of my best friends. it shouldnt make any1 think less of them just because they are different. every1 should be different because it would suck it we were all the same.
:self mutilation: i used to do that too..but im glad to say i'm over it and i havent done it for a long time. i feel so much better now that i've dropped it because it can lead to so many different problems

:promote to TWO communites & show the link (we will check them):
:TWO - FIVE pictures of YOURSELF:

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