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To me, the only thing left after a while was that night
we watched documentaries up through morning and then you kicked me out.
You opened up your screen door and threw me off the porch.
It was summer then and I drove home whistling muddy waters down the pike.
And that was that: our one sweet night together.
Under highway signs I watched our love start fluttering and dissipating.
I counted all the headlights to make sure I was all right.
Now I'm wondering is it me or is it me that can't see silver linings?
So I fucked it up. I watched you go.
I saw my hand not dialing the phone.
All I'm left to do is remember the dull room we sat in blue stream
light watching the strike of '59.
I dreamed of wrecking my underwear.
Oh can't I touch your cheeks somewhere
under dirt filled rainy nights with my socks stuck in the mud?
Please come dive in puddles with me.

wherever, whenever

and theres no way to tell what you've done
the truth is hurting even still
you tell me what I knew all along
back then I was weak
but now I'm strong

but still...

I dont' know how it's done
so careless and wrong
you live your life and then it's gone

back to the time when we were together
way back when we said forever

The world seems so much bigger these days
without you here

theres more room for me in my own head.

Will Hoge - Someone Else's Baby

I know ashes slowly burn
But every fool has a lesson that's hard to learn
It's a desperate plea but I must say
Oh God help me make it just one more day

There's a glass on the table beside my bed
Where I sleep with a bottle and I wake up dead
I got a hole in the bottom of both my shoes
Hey my step's been heavy since I heard the news

And I know just what you'll say
When I tell you that I'm sorry that I let you get away
Well you'll know I found out
That you're someone else's baby now

I see you when I walk down the street
Your smile's in the face of everyone I meet
Oh and it tears me up to know that he's touching you
And learning all the secrets that I once knew

Do you still leave your clothes piled on the floor
Maybe now you're different than you were before
You got a new way of walking and a different kiss
Oh to keep you together on a night like this
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Jamison Parker-Best Mistake

I chronicled the days you made me want to live
Memorize the way that it felt and then I turned it into this kiss
Tonight I’m wearing my best smile and hope to make me worth your while
I’ll be the best mistake you’ll ever make

From the lack of sleep and the bloodshot eyes
To the nervous kiss and the butterflies
Does this make any sense at all
She said, she said

We‘re not sleeping, and I’m not breathing
If this means anything at all
I won’t let you leave me anymore

If this holds insignificance, I’ll have the hearse follow the ambulance
No medicine exists to make my lungs work again

Let’s shake and burn, like an addict
My hearings dead, only static
If I said your smiles all that mattered
Would you save my life

We‘re not sleeping, and I’m not breathing
If this means anything at all
Don’t let me leave you anymore


Don’t let me leave you anymore

Death Cab.

We're not the same, dear, as we used to be.
The seasons have changed and so have we.
There was little we could say, and even less we could do,
To stop the ice from getting thinner under me and you.

We bury our love in the windsory grave.
Along came the snow, that was all that remained,
But we stayed by its side as the days turned to weeks,
And the ice kept getting thinner with every word that we'd speak.

And when spring arrived,
We were taken by surprise when the flows under our feet,
Led into the sea.
Nothing was left for you and me.

We're not the same, dear.
And it seems to me,
There's more where we can go,
With nothing underneath.
And it saddens me to say,
But we both know, well, it's true.
That the ice was getting thinner,
Under me and you.
The ice was getting thinner,
Under me and you.
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