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i can't stand to think about a heart so big it hurts like hell

oh my God, i gave my best for three whole years to end like this

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this is a community for everything thats emo. you can post about music, your life or whatever else, you can post pictures, prety much anything. you can also promote other communities here, just limit it! its not hard to get excepted into this community, and prety much everybody gets excepted, all you have to do is post an entry telling us about yourself, incluse:
1)your name
2)your age
3)you favorite bands (atleast 5)
4)your favortie movie
5)whatever else about yourself you would like us to know
***the most important thing about this community is to be nice to all of the other members! we dont need to start shit with other people(unless its a non-member starting it!)***