Dear Diary, mood Apathetic

Name: Laura
Age: 15
City, State: Arlington VA
AIM sn: uuhhh do I have to?
Music: pshhtt soooo many, OK Go, Motion City soundtrack, The matches, AAR, Plain White Tee's Hellogoodbye Kaiser Cheifs, Weezer, SoCo, soooo much more.
Favorite CD: probibly a mix I made my friend with 23 songs of my favorite stuff
Affiliation(if any): reform
Youth Group(if one): pshht Youth group is for losers at my temple, but it would be BEFTY
Describe yourself in three words: funky, funny, caring
Apple Juice or Orange Juice?: apple
Favorite sport: tennis
Where did you find this community?: uhh procrastinating
If you could be any animal, what would it be?: an eagle
Name something to add to this community, whether it be anything for the info, the interests, or just anything about it: uhhh umm more discussion?
What are your ideas on the conflict in Israel and how would you change things?: I really don't like all the violence, I am happy with us pulling out of Gaza and the west bank. the only way to achieve peace is to jus sepperate the two parties

And a picture (preferably of yourself...)

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