(no subject)

[Name: Hannah]
[Location: UK]
[How did you hear about us?You were advertised on another community]
[10 favorite bands:
- Panic at the disco
- Afi
- Nickleback
- Billy Talent
- Sum41
- Stone sour
- Say anything
- Underoath
- Greenday
[Favorite lyric(s):

[5 favorite books:
- All the Harry potters :P
- But part from that I don't read much.]
- Rock climbing && Skate park]
[5 random things you like:
- my laptop
- aha my christmas tree that i've just decorated in my room :P
- Bmxing lads
- Myspaceee
- Romantic films ]
[5 random things you dislike:
Back stabbers
Chavs rrrr
Rap music]
[Why should you be accepted?
Coz I love chatting and making icons =]]
[Promote to at least 1 community and 2 members and show us the direct links: Umm I will soon buh I only started going on this site today.]