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_emo_enough_'s Journal

emo enough?
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1) Be as mean and as harsh as you want when voting.
2) Do not vote someone in just because they are your friend.
3) Update your on livejournal often.
4) Promote and post all the time.
5) If you promote another community in here, make sure you promote this one also. Send the link where you promoted, because I will check.

1) no posting or commenting until you have been stamped by me.
2) no arguing or bitching..its stupid.
3) put the apps. under LJ cuts.
4) the title on the cut should read a quote from your favorite song.
5) if you do not follow any of my simple rules, you will be banned.

1) name-
2) age-
3) sex-
4) status-
5) 10 favorite bands-
6) favorite song-
7) 5 favorite movies-
8) favorite book(s)-
9) favorite person-
10) things you like to do/hobbies-
12)opinion on drugs/drinking-
13)opinion on homosexuality-
14)opinion on self mutilation-
15)anything you are all for or all against-
16)why do you want to be accepted-
17)promote in at least two places-
18)pictures would be nice-