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Emma Bunton

This Is The Community

Emma Bunton Fan
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Hello and thanks for joining.
This is the community dedicated to Emma Bunton.
Lets help spread the word about Emma's comming to the US.

1.) All posts must be Friends Only. This is a Members Only community.
2.) Do not advertise your community here, it will only be deleted and reported to livejournal.
3.) Please no arguments between members.

She's sweet, innocent, and very well-behaved ....NOT! Emma isn't as sweet and naive as she looks, and if you don't watch your back, she'll pull one on ya! "I love pulling pranks, they're tons of fun, especially when the person has no clue you were behind it." Emma admits to have been a prankster when she was in school, mainly Jr. High School. "I used to clog up the sinks in the school bathrooms and I'd spread hand sanatizer over the floors near the stalls," she laughs.

Emma almost didn't even make it into the Spice Girls. She wasn't in the original five, but replaced Michelle Stephenson (the fifth girl that dropped out of the band). She says that she feels so lucky to be where she is now. She has a hit album, and her very first single went straight to #1 the first week and stayed there for two weeks. Her next single "Take My Breath Away" was a best-seller and snuck into #5 on the British charts. Though her third single wasn't too much of a success (We're Not Gonna Sleep Tonight - #20), she has still managed to stay professional, having her small failure make a big difference. "I always learn from the wrong things I do, and it's important to realize why something didn't work out to avoid ending up in the same situation later in life."

Though she's matured a bit and has abandoned her platforms and pigtails, Emma says she will always be 'Baby Spice.' "That will be with me for the rest of my life and I will be 'Baby Spice' forever," she laughs, "even when I'm old and gray, I'll still be baby spice!"

However 'Baby Spice' is now long gone and learning her mistakes with Virgin she has safely returned into the hands of music mastermind Simon Fuller and his company 19 Management. Since returning to Simon Emma has notched up a further four top 20 hits,These being Free Me (#5) Maybe (#6), I'll Be There (#7) and Crickets Sing For Anamaria (#15) plus another top 10 album, which out sold its first!. Do not be distracted by her singles low charting, as the sales have been double what they were when she was with Virgin, and Emma has now managed to become known as Credible Spice - earning the respect she earns, and maintaining the success she is recieving.

Apart from belting out the hits she has dropped the 'Bunton' from her name and is now known simply as Emma. As well as dropping her surname, Emma seems to have taken a musical detour along the path of 60's-influenced, easy listening lounge music. With its Latin-y brass section and breathy harmonies which work extrememly well with the public, and that Emma should be highly commended for.

Easily the most successful Spice Girl in terms of credibility, public image and musical direction things are looking very positive for the baby born from a global phenomenon. Almost 10 years on from the formation of the Spice Girls, Emma has become the most popular of them all.

"Maybe (US Promo)"
Released: N/A

Free Me (US Album + 2 Bounus Tracks)
Released: January 25, 2005

"Free Me (US Promo)"
Released: N/A

"Crickets Sing For Anamaria (Single CD1 & CD2)"
Released: May 31, 2004

Free Me UK Album
Released: February 9, 2004

"I'll Be There (Single CD1 & CD2)"
Released: January 26, 2004

Released: October 13, 2003

"Free Me (Single CD1 & CD2)"
Released: May 26, 2003

"We're Not Gonna Sleep Tonight (Single & DVD Single)"
Released: December 10, 2001

"Take My Breath Away (Single & DVD Single)"
Released: August 27, 2001

A Girl Like Me (Album)
Released: April 1, 2001

"What Took You So Long?"
Released: April 2, 2001

"What I Am"
Released: November 1, 1999

Opening Date: September 27, 2004
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