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:: Calleigh Duquesne ::

:: Because southern girls do it better! ::

Emily Procter A.K.A. Calleigh Duquesne
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01: If your post contains a spoiler pertaining to the current season of the show, please put that post under an lj-cut, and warn people that the post may contain a spoilers pertaining to upcoming shows
02: You MUST put pictures under a lj-cut (exception: 1-6 teasers for icons).
03: No pornographic or illegal content.
04:Any news and information pertaining to the show is more than welcome, but if you feel it may contain a spoiler pertaining to the current or upcoming season, please put it under an lj-cut, and please inform everyone that it may contain a spoiler pertaining to upcoming episodes.
05: If you're beginning a community dedicated to one of the actors/actresses on the show, dedicated to show-related icons, or dedicated to a fan-base in a particular location, religion, field, etc., then I welcome you to advertise them here. I do, however, reserve the right to delete any posts about communities that I find offensive or otherwise inappropriate for advertisement in this community. Also, I ask that if you wish to advertise a community here, you mention this community in at least one post in the community you are advertising...if you don't, I will.
06: Debate over the show is ALWAYS welcome, but try to be civil about it. Debates can be carried out in a calm and courteous manner, so please try and do so. Any member who continuously upsets other members may be banned indefinitely.
07: HAVE FUN =)

Welcome Emily Procter/Calleigh Duquesne fans! So poke around this community. I know rules suck but sometimes you just need them.

Don't forget to watch CSI every Thursday at 9 PM on CBS.

Questions, comments, complaints, and concerns should be sent to the e-mail address listed above..

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