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And now a word from us kids...

"Look Ma, I can dress myself!"

Elwood City: An Arthur Community
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This is a community for fans of Arthur - the children's show and book series created by Marc Brown. If you enjoy the show, the books, or both come say Hey!

Brought to you by nannergo and petula, founders and Dr. Ectors.

Anything related to Arthur, Marc Brown or Postcards From Buster is open for discussion here. If you have a large picture or number of pictures to show, or an extra-long post, please use lj-cut.

Fanfic writers are welcome to provide links to their work, which should be posted elsewhere. We request that you also provide a rating (G, PG, etc.) or short summary when doing so.
Please no Arthur slash/smut, thank you.

Disabling comments on posts is not allowed. We like to discuss!

Members of _elwood_city_ may promote other communities related to PBS, Arthur, Marc Brown, children's shows or literature - subjects relevant to this community. Use your best judgement. Promotions of completely irrelevant communities will be deleted.

Trolls are welcome in D.W.'s room, but not here.

Questions, concerns, suggestions? Contact us at this post

Have a wonderful kind of day.


- Arthur @ PBS Kids.org -
The Official Arthur/PBS Kids site
- Arthur Worldwide -
Marc Brown Studios
- Postcards From Buster -
The Official Postcards From Buster/PBS Kids site
- Arthur on IMDB.com -
- Arthur and Sharky -
Arthur at JumpTheShark
- A Random House mini-bio of Marc Brown -
- Arthur on tvtome.com -
Episode guide, goofs, cast and crew info
- Elwood City Downtown Core -
Episode descriptions and dialogue, fan art and opinions
- The Arthur Wiki -
- Arthur's Guide to Children's Hospital Boston -
- The Sugar Bowl -
Crimson Kitty's site: screen shots, sound clips, fan art, and more

- _elwood_city_ batch of Arthur icons -
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*Disclaimer: This community is for lj users of ALL ages. We neither promote nor forbid swearing or innuendo. No members are under any obligation to reply to a topic or comment should they find it offensive.

Most of the images used here are from the official PBS Arthur site.
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