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A Hamlet RPG

Elsinore: A Hamlet RPG
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Welcome to Elsinore, a Hamlet RPG.

The RPG is set (and permanently stuck) in the timeline of Acts 1 and 2 of the play (basically, King Hamlet's death through the arrival of the players) but may include events from before and after. The premise is: Prince Hamlet has gone mad, and the entire kingdom is talking about it. Minor intrigues will occur in the corridors, relationships will form and break, and the time of confusion that naturally follows a king's demise is heightened by suspicions of, not accident, but murder.

In order to join, you must:
- E-mail one of the moderators at elen.laurelin@verizonmail.com or pulangpula at hotmail.com
- Tell us which character you would like to play
- If the character is open and we think you're cool (which is probably almost always), we'll reply and ask you to create a journal for that character, then either click "Join Community" as that character, or e-mail us with the EXACT name of your journal (i.e. prince_hamlet, as opposed to Prince Hamlet) and we'll make your character a member of the RPG.

You may also want to create an AIM screenname specifically for your character; otherwise, just use your own screenname for roleplaying over instant messaging.

- Please follow rules of common courtesy. Your character may be in conflict with another, but that does not mean you can't be civil towards the person, especially in OOC.
- Please, no God-Modding. Don't kill any of the other players' characters. You can deviate from the play somewhat, but we don't want anyone dying before they're supposed to.
- Hamlet is NOT a fantasy setting, so we don't want any magic. Period. No telekinesis, no healing magic, no battle magic, no foresight. Ghosts are permitted to some extent (i.e. Hamlet's father, but that's about it). No talking to animals. Madness is, of course, permitted. Also, no modern-day objects such as pistols, cars, computers, etc.
- We know that it's hard to keep completely in character, but please make an honest effort; just try to keep the characters as recognizable as you can, even in new situations.
- If you must post violence or interactions with other characters that you would rate over PG-13, please place them in an lj-cut, so that those players who don't want to read it (or shouldn't) can skip over it.
- Any type of romance (i.e. het or slash) is permitted, so please, if you don't approve of a certain romance, don't criticize or flame. If you don't approve, don't participate in that romance.
- I believe that you're supposed to be over thirteen in order to join, so please follow laws and such.
- We're just here to have fun, and this RPG is mostly for over the summer. So, we'll keep going in the fall for only as long as we have active members, and then we'll shut down again until either we get active members again, or the summer arrives. So, if you're not active during the year, we understand (we all have conflicts, like school and such) and we won't delete your journal, unless you contact us to tell us that you won't be coming back (which we really would appreciate, if you must leave) and we'll free up your spot for someone else. However, if you don't contact us about that, we'll just assume that you'll be back again next summer.

Available characters:
The Ghost
King of Norway
Captain in Fortinbras' Army
Player King
Player Queen
Gravedigger's companion
Various unnamed courtiers, servants, players, soldiers, sailors, pirates, etc.

prince_hamlet elen.laurelin@verizonmail.com AIM: jehaninblack
_laertes pulangpula at hotmail.com AIM: mes syzygy
truant_horatio amiboshirein@paonline.com AIM: RainbowSoujin
vice_of_kings synth_dolohov@hotmail.com AIM: MarynFalkner
mobled_queen apophenia_and_qualia@hotmail.com
untothestream musemagic524@hotmail.com AIM: Yaldat Chayil

prince_hamlet elen.laurelin@ verizonmail.com AIM: xprincehamletx
_laertes pulangpula at hotmail.com AIM: mes syzygy