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My dear Guildencrantz and Rosenstern,

Since you have been thoughtful enough to send such loyal and gracious expressions of friendship to Hamlet recently, I thought it our duty to offer to have you here at Elsinore. Hamlet is going through somewhat of a transformation of late, and a most unfortunate one - though he has moods, and sometimes very severe moods, and on occasion moods that threaten to cleave any positive atmosphere into irreparable pieces, this is different. I should know; I'm his uncle.

I admit that Gertrude and I are at somewhat of an end with him. I am sure the presence of two of his closest friends will soon bring him to a more fit state. To be frank, he is moping.
We would be most grateful if you would find it in your infinite good natures to visit us - I am sure you would find it more beneficial to Hamlet and, perhaps, yourselves.

Besides the cheering of Hamlet, we may have a few tasks to busy you with while you are here. Nothing major, of course, as we do not wish to impose on you, but just a few simple errands to pass the time that my Queen and I believe you might be especially suited for. Our Lord Chamberlain doesn't seem to have the abilities required. It does call for a great deal of skill in a certain area in which you might have an advantage.

Your King and gracious Queen

P.S. I am told by my wife that your names are in fact not Guildencrantz and Rosenstern, but Rosenstern and Guildencrantz. No - Guildenstern and Rosencrantz. If this is true, I do apologize for such an oversight. Your names are oddly interchangable; have you noticed?
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My most honored lord Hamlet,

I hope my letter finds you well.  It's been a long time since we've communicated, but I've heard a great deal about what's been going on and I imagine it must be difficult for you.  All these changes, all at once, and being a public figure as well.  It must be a lot for one person to juggle.
I just wanted to let you know that if you need a friendly ear (or eye, as the case may be), I'm happy to do be there for you. And please recall, that I haven't attended court for some time, so I won't be using anything you confide to me for my personal advantage (I remember how that can be),

Your friend,



My Dear Lord Hamlet,

I feel I must speak with you. I understand that you are not happy, and I have worried greatly these days. I wish to ask some questions of you, if I may, and perhaps to tell you some things. Please tell me when I might do so; nothing could please me more.

Yours ever,
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Dear Hamlet, your uncle tells me that you read my diary. Please don't feel betrayed Hamlet, you know how deeply I love you. I do still mourn your father's death and though I may not have been faithful, I did love him. Hamlet, please forgive me, I love you and I hate to see you so distraught.

Don't you think Cornelius may have exaggerated? I would hardly call them constant disappearances.. My love for my dearly departed lord isn't lessened by my attachment to your uncle. Please understand that, Hamlet. I would have delayed the marriage longer, for his honour, but..if you've read my diary you must already have heard my reasons for that. Forgive my earlier relations with Claudius, they in no way taint my love for you or your father.

And you mustn't blame Claudius for any of this. He is trying to get along with you, you might make it a bit easier for him.

Please do talk to me any time you wish. We've been so distant lately. I hear you've been conducting a romance of your own, are the rumours in the court true?

I love you Hamlet. We should talk sometime, you seem so distracted at present and I'm worried about you.
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Did you forget?

Hamlet, I noticed you were conspicuously absent from the wedding party last night. Your mother was quite disappointed with you. Not to mention I had prepared a toast in your honor, and, as you have no doubt heard, I had to divert it quickly to Polonius.

And I'm sure it was always your father that was jealous of Norway having sleds in their armies? Gertrude seems to think it was me.

Another note: Have your father's cufflinks been returned to you yet? I offer a full explanation for wearing them at the wedding in my and your mother's journals, which you most likely have come across somewhere by now. You seem to be everywhere in Elsinore at once (except when you're needed or wanted to be in a specific place, whereupon you miraculously disappear off the face of the earth).
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In my distracted state, I accidentally said that Laertes would be leaving 10 days before he actually will. He's truly leaving on the 30th of August, not the 20th. That gives us a few extra days to wish him well. I'm sure his family, especially his father, will want to take advantage of the opportunity...
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We've just learned that Laertes, our dear friend, will be leaving for France, after coming to pay his respects to the new king, my uncle, Claudius. He may be friends with many of you, so I hope you'll come to see him off. He'll be leaving on the 20th of August, and there will be a royal audience on that day in order for my uncle to give him royal leave.

Note to Ophelia, Horatio, and my other good friendsCollapse )
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OOC Community

I've just added elsinore_ooc, a community for OOC announcements, notes to other players (not characters), etc. I'll add RPers to that community when I add them to this one, so you don't have to do anything, unless I'm just being silly, and have forgotten to add you, in which case, just send me an e-mail reminding me. This means that we can also use this journal for third-person RP-ing, in addition to sending IC notes and such.
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Hey all, and welcome to Elsinore! Hopefully this will become a fun and interesting community. The way I hope to get this organized is for most of the RPing to happen in players' journals and over AIM. So a lot of the RPing will probably be writing journal entries, and when you RP over AIM, hopefully you'll post a transcript of it in your journal so that the rest of the players can see it. We can also use this journal for group RPing that doesn't have to do with your personal journals, and letters/notes to other players that you don't want to put in your journal. Have fun, and let's get RPing!