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Legends of Meridia

truthful fiction by aranelya (aletheia)

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_ellysium is a story in the making, written by aranelya. No, its not fanfiction...this is my attempt at being unique and creative all by myself. Of course, it was inspired by my love for other (much greater) stories, like Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' and Lewis's 'Chronicals of Narnia', but I'm not trying to copy them...this story is merely a reflection of all they've stirred within me: a longing to journey somplace unatainable and not of this world. Meridia, as I have chosen to call it, is my world. I want to journey deeper into its core with each word I pen...want to come with me?

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Now, there aren't really any rules, other than one: you have to join (& be approved by me) in order to read the story. Why? Well...honestly, this journal is much more for me than for anyone else, and while I don't mind if my friends and such read it, I would rather know exactly who's reading my work. I'm a little paranoid like that sometimes ;)

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A Mercy Severe: medieval romance

Fanfiction by Takarakanashi


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