{angelina ~ serenity from mata}

I really doubt this is ever going to even be needed, but just in case...

....or you could just join, and it will get emailed to me anyway. But, considering that I'm going to be *very* picky about who I let read this, you're more likely to get the go-ahead if you ask me nicely (I can't turn anyone down who's asked, I'm too nice for that :p)

This is *not* fanfiction. (Yes, I realize I've used pictures from Troy, Narnia, & Alexander in the header...that's only because I don't have a million dollars just to go out and have pictures taken for my header, which, more likely than not, only a handful of people (if even that) will ever see. I'm not writing about those stories though -not in any way, shape, or form.)
This is also not Mary-Sue. Even I can't tolerate that. (lol)

Okay....carry on.