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The Elite

"No, I'm the best..."

Elitist Bitches and Bastards
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It has come to our attention that we are self-centered elitists. We embrace it.

Here you can post all of your elitist moments. We will not judge your snobbery.

No more quiz. Enough.
a streetcar named desire, adam and eve, alberto giacometti, alfred hitchcock, altoids, amélie, andrei tarkovsky, antonio vivaldi, art, audrey hepburn, ave maria, bakers, baritones, billie holiday, blanche dubois, bloody mary, blue man group, bridget, calamari, camelot, candlesticks, caravaggio, carelessness, casablanca, cashmere, cate blanchett, catherine zeta-jones, champagne, chicago, class, coffee, communism, crab rangoon, crumpets, diana krall, doctor zhivago, edward hopper, elitism, europe, ever after, favorites, fyodor dostoevsky, grace kelley, great gatsby, hating pink leopard print, humphrey bogart, independant film, ingmar bergman, ingrid bergman, j.crew, jaguar, jan vermeer, jazz, jimmy stewart, johann sebastian bach, joni mitchell, joseph fiennes, karin bergquist, katharine hepburn, kgb, kings, kyrie, large vocabularies, leather, leonardo da vinci, lev tolstoy, linford detweiler, literature, love, marilyn monroe, modern art, motherloving hot, napa valley, napoleon, new york, over the rhine, pabst theatre, performance art, photography, pinot noir, queen elizabeth i, queens, raisin in the sun, ralph lauren, rameau, rats, rhine wine, rockefeller center, romance, russian, russian poetry, sanskrit, scarves, shakespeare, shelties, sir thomas malory, sopranos, spumante grapes, st peters cathedral, stilettos, subtitled movies, superiority, swedish movies, t. h. white, tailors, taittinger, tea, the 1940s, the brothers grimm, the louvre, the mob, the red army chorus, the renaissance, theatre, thomas more, tolerance, uncommon interests, utopia, uwm idol, vertigo, victoria's secret, white wine, wine, zinfandel