verbsonice (verbsonice) wrote in _elitists,


Hello, elitists. I was just wondering what foreign languages and literature you enjoy.

I do Sanskrit, will be starting Japanese and am trying to decide between Greek and Latin. I'm really into classical philology. I even did some Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphs. I've also been known to be quite literate in 1337 and bullshitting.

In terms of literature, I'm a huge fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Love in the Time of Cholera has to be my favorite work of literature ever. I'm also a huge fan of Toni Morrison, who I simply find amazing. Some other assorted great that I've come across/want to read into more deeply are Yukio Mishima, Vladmir Nabokov (it's a shame that English was his second language and his use of it far surpasses many home-grown Americans I know. -_-), J.D. Salinger, Chinua Achebe and others. I really can't read as much as I used to because college keeps me busy. *sigh*

So yeah. I just want to get a taste of what elitists enjoy. This should be a fun place to hang out.

If you friend me, I'm sure you're worthy enough for me to friend you back. =)

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