You're not a poet and you don't even know it.

I'm so sick of people showing me their 'poetry.'  They get all bashful and assure me that it isn't very good and I start to get anxious about reading it, not because I suspect it's going to 'touch' me on some spiritual or emotional level but because I know they are actually correct in their false protestation that it isn't very good but also that they are secretly proud of the drivel they are about to show me. But like a jackass I always read it-- whining about pain and broken hearts and the supposedly uplifting contrived advice set to rhyming ditcionary-induced lyrical catatonia-- and I smile stiffly and lie to their face like they want me to.

"Wow! I didn't know you could write stuff like this!"

You all suck.  And if you think you're a good poet, you probably suck worse than most.  If you write poetry, you should be genuinely embarrassed by it.  I'm not saying I've never felt downtrodden and written a few lines of shitty poetry here and there but I am actually sincerely embarrassed by it and do not wish anyone to read my shame.  However, I can recognize real poetry.  Trust me, there are no Emily Dickinsons or Yeateses in your town, not even any Maya Angelous or Leonard Cohens, not in your town, and certainly not in your house, living your life!

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well, i'm a new member, and no-one's posted in this comm for ages, so i hope there're people still out there.

um, i come from a whole group of elitists (i go to one of the best schools (academically) in the state), and we pretty much all despise the masses, but are also bourgeois. well, its not our fault. hypocrisy is human.

so i'm pretty much an intellectualy elitist, but not in the way that "if you havent read the literature i like i will hate you" (but if you havent read/seen shakespeare, i dont think we could be friends), but if you're just an idiot about things like stem cell cloning, or recycled water (thats an issue right now in australia, where i live), or all you talk about is boys, or stuff like that, i will turn up my nose at you.

what about the rest of you?
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Hah! Marvelous community! I can't help but feel slightly odd that I'm embracing such a thing, but it does make me grin.

It's not so much the literature I read--though the more pretentious it is, the better. Hmm, currently I'm into Haruki Murakami though. Good stuff. So yes, it's not about the literature, but rather the outlook on life. Something I've come to realise in recent years, is that many people are just... wrong, about many things. It's annoying. Closed minded fools... so this seems a good place to be. With other elitists. :S

Ahem. XD


Hello, elitists. I was just wondering what foreign languages and literature you enjoy.

I do Sanskrit, will be starting Japanese and am trying to decide between Greek and Latin. I'm really into classical philology. I even did some Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphs. I've also been known to be quite literate in 1337 and bullshitting.

In terms of literature, I'm a huge fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Love in the Time of Cholera has to be my favorite work of literature ever. I'm also a huge fan of Toni Morrison, who I simply find amazing. Some other assorted great that I've come across/want to read into more deeply are Yukio Mishima, Vladmir Nabokov (it's a shame that English was his second language and his use of it far surpasses many home-grown Americans I know. -_-), J.D. Salinger, Chinua Achebe and others. I really can't read as much as I used to because college keeps me busy. *sigh*

So yeah. I just want to get a taste of what elitists enjoy. This should be a fun place to hang out.

If you friend me, I'm sure you're worthy enough for me to friend you back. =)

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My name is Emily and this community sounded interesting!! I think I'm fabulous haha, as I guess we all do and I have a tendency to be fairly outspoken in many comical forms!!!! What else.....I'm 20, a english lit major in my third year at university. And I'm from the hotspot city of Vancouver, Canada!!! Anyone feel free to check out my lj and add me to their friends list, I'll add you back as well :)

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I'm pretty sure I'm a total elitist about film. I don't like most of what has ever come out of Hollywood. My friends and every girlfriend I've had can't see movies with me socially, because I dont seem to like anything.

Oh, and I think Im morally superior to most people...
...does that help?